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what's the site about?

This website is dedicated to the in progress 'Warfare' game series made in Game Maker. All the games in the series will be 3D First Person Shooters in the style of the Call of Duty games.

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 The latest released version of the games in the series, along with other material, can now be downloaded from the site.

If you need to contact me for any reason, use this e-mail address: 'warfaregameseries@hotmail.co.uk'





another remake!

Once again, I have decided to restart the creation of Warfare I - 2024. This is because I have learnt more efficient ways of coding, but most importantly I have found a website (www.turbosquid.com) from which I will take most of the models I need (though I will still use the ones already provided by Andrew Stencel) and I have found a far superior way of exporting them into a Game-Maker readable format (about half the filesize and no missing polygons!).

All I will say now about the remake is that the training mission and first proper mission will be called 'Learning The Ropes' and 'When In Doubt...' respectively and that they will be similar in many ways to their counterparts in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (DS).All the weapons used so far will return, though they may be different. I also intend to include many new weapons in the first release.

voice actors needed

In order to make the game as good as possible, I need some people who either naturally have an american accent, or can imitate one, to do some voice acting for it. Anyone who can and is willing to should PM me.

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