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the warfare series

The Warfare Series is a series of first-person shooters. It is created in Game Maker but has recently begun to use the Ultimate3D extension to improve graphics.

Games in the Warfare Series:

Warfare I - 2024 (In Progress)

Warfare II - Third World War (No Progress)


WARFARE I - 2024 (In Progress)

In November 2023 a CIA agent undercover in Russia found evidence that the Russian Government had been funding the Al-Qaeda & Taliban Organisations. Exposed, the Russians began funding less secretly and began openly assisting the organisation.

 NATO came to a conclusion: The British Army would pe put on standby to counter a threat from Russia and their special forces would sabotage Russian Weapons Factories etc. The rest of the NATO forces would continued combatting the now massively increased terrorist threat.

Game Progress:

Warfare I - 2024 has been released as a WIP several times, recieving mostly positive feedback on each occasion. The most recently released version is currently rated 4 out of 5 stars on Yoyogames.